Environmental and Quality Policy

Eurobond Door's quality policy aims to create a safer working environment that focus on a quality philosophy with business systems based on ISO9001:2008. Continuous improvement in all our business activities is essential including manufacture, logistics, cost management and safety. Eurobond has highly trained and motivated employees working closely in teams to achieve this policy.

 Eurobond quality objectives have been outlined below:

  • to be the first choice partner to our customers for the manufacture and supply of
    insulated and steel doors, flashings, and ancillaries
  • to manufacture products which meet the customers' demands for quality, performance, costs, reliability and minimal environmental impact

Eurobond Doors will work to achieve this by:

  • Establishing, implementing and maintaining an Integrated Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO9001 and ISO14001
  • Complying with all relevant local, national and international legislation and codes of practice 
  • Communicating our quality  and  environmental policy, procedures and performance to the workforce, and to other organizations as appropriate 
  • Striving to understand our customers' needs and expectations and thereby satisfying them
  • Achieving and maintaining a cost effective, profitable and environmentally friendly manufacturing process
  • Setting objectives and targets for Quality and Environmental performance, and establishing measures to enable us to review progress against those targets regularly
  • Setting and maintaining the highest standards of health and  safety throughout the business
  • Providing evidence of our approach to the protection of natural resources and climate change through the reduction of greenhouse gases, and demonstrating a commitment to the prevention of all forms of pollution
  • Employing a continual improvement approach to our products, services and internal processes, particularly those with significant environmental impact
  • Training and developing a competent and efficient team-oriented workforce whilst raising environmental awareness
  • Promoting open and effective communication throughout the organisation and with supply chain partners and customers
  • Reviewing this Policy, and the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System and business processes at Director Level at least once per year

This Policy & the Eurobond Integrated Management Systems Manual describe the structure of the documented system; they describe how the associated procedures and processes are deployed to ensure that the company will only supply products that conform to agreed specifications and standards, meet the needs and expectations of our Customers, with minimal impact on the Environment.