Keeping your food fresh & perfectly chilled

Our hinged or sliding insulated doors are an ideal option for chill rooms and industrial freezers in any food preparation area or food establishment.

With an easy-to-clean hygienic finish, food-safe coated steel for low maintenance, and concealed heater cables to eliminate condensation, our insulated doors help to keep your food fresh and hygienic.

Key performance features

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    Produced to ISO9001 standard

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    Produced to ISO14001 standard

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    Concealed heater cables to eliminate condensation

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    Integrated thermal breaks to eliminate condensation

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    Easy to clean hygienic finish with food-safe coated steel

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    Range of Fermod furniture to suit application




Insulated 01.png

Standard chill

1500mm x 3000mm

Insulated 02.png

Heavy duty chill

1800mm x 3500mm

Insulated 03.png

Standard freezer

1800mm x 3500mm