Performance Doors

Eurobond Performance Doors are designed in-house to provide the perfect solution for external and internal applications. Eurobond combine the functionality of steel doors with outstanding aesthetic appeal, for use in commercial, industrial and public environments. Doors are available in single, double and unequal configurations. Options for side panels, over panels, vision panels and louvres.

Key benifits of Eurobond Doors steel doorsets are:

  • Longer life performance, improved life cycle costs
  • Door, frame and hardware supplied complete - Saving time during installation
  • Frames can be installed at wall construction stage, leaving the door blades to be fitted later - Enabling an accelerated project build time and reducing the likelihood of on-site damage.
  • Moisture resistant - Steel doorsets will not rot, warp, swell or twist
  • Strength and  rugged construction built in - Superb resistance to forced entry, vigorous use and abuse
  • Environmentally friendly - 99% recyclable and manufactured with raw material that have high recycled content.
  • Tested and approved fire resistance  - Integrity and stability in excess of 4 hours
  • Acoustic performance to 40dB
  • Security rating from Secured by Design