Data Centres

A data centre can be anything from a single room to an entire building dedicated to housing a large IT infrastructure. They are often closely monitored, due to their vital role in modern business and it is important to allocate resources to ensure that a data centre is as secure as possible. This includes protection from intruders, proper management of equipment, and reducing the risk of fire.

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The Eurobond Doors Data Centre range meets the stringent requirements demanded of this unique environment. Our experienced technical team  are on hand to offer design and technical specification services for Single, Double and Unequal door configurations, ensuring a correct solution tailored to every building..

Data centres without adequate fire protection risk people's lives, as well as the loss of information, economic losses, and even serious damage to a company's reputation. Given the increased risk of a blaze that results from a concentration of electrical equipment, failing to take preventative action could cause a significant loss of confidence among customers. Well-fitted, well-designed steel performance  fire doors are absolutely essential for the smooth operation of a data centre, regardless of size, and they will make a considerable difference to the safety and security of staff and the equipment. 

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