All schools in the UK share a common goal - to provide the best quality education to the population of children and young adults: The specification of Eurobond Doors steel doorsets can bring many benefits in schools and colleges.

The specification of steel performance doorsets will protect the premises, the schools supplies, the fixtures and fitting and most importantly protect the pupils from the risk of fire.

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The Eurobond Doors range of performance tested fire doors has been designed to meet the requirements for prolonged fire resistance for periods of up to 240 minutes - ideal for use in this situation, where the safety of pupils is paramount.

The range of certified security doorsets combines aesthetics with strength, durability and performance A reduction in theft and a greater feeling of personal security can greatly improve morale and contribute to a far better learning environment as well as providing peace of mind to parents. 

Acoustics is important within schools and colleges and  Eurobond Doors offer an engineered steel doorset solution that provides very effective sound reduction. The sound control doorsets with a 32dB to 40dB range of acoustic performances  are particularly suitable for schools and  colleges.

Please contact Eurobond Doors sales team to discuss your requirements.