Combining security, safety and convenience is a challenging task for today's healthcare facilities.. With highly sensitive environments and round the clock operation, hospitals and clinics demand customized door solutions

Eurobond Doors performance doorsets are constructed to include security and fire performance benefits and the range of permutations available allows specific requirements to be catered for in a variety of healthcare operations, hospitals and clinics. 

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Certain rooms, such as laboratories, computer rooms and secure storerooms may need a much higher level of security that can be delivered by Eurobond Doors range of performance tested security doors.

Emergency exits must comply with regulations and ensure safe exit during emergencies and all other times and this requirement can be met with Eurobond Doors performance steel doorsets that can also combine security and fire rating.

With regulated narcotics and dangerous substances on-premise, pharmacies require a combination of high-level theft resistance and restrictive access control, The Eurobond Doors technical team can advise on the most suitable specification of door and ironmongery for this demanding application

Doorsets are available in a durable textured SA301E White Hygienic finish. Eurobond Doors apply an Akzo Nobel powder coating , INTERPON D1036, that  has been selected for its high quality performance and durable finish

Please contact Eurobond Doors sales team to discuss your requirements.