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What's a typical 'day in the life' of a Eurobond Doors designer? And what do they do for fun on the weekends?

We chat to Anthony Coombes, our Design Manager, to break it down.

Eurobond Doors' all-action adventurer, Anthony, leads our Design team. Meticulous, creative and integral to our product development, Anthony's commitment to innovative door design is second to none (hence why our steel doors are highly performance-driven!).

But what does a 'day in the life' of a Eurobond Doors designer actually look like? Anthony - take it away...

Early morning

When I wake up, I kick the dog off the bed and let him out (even when it's raining and he doesn't like it!). I don't eat breakfast - I'm very much a 'get up & get out' kind of person.

Luckily, I only live 10 minutes away from the Eurobond Doors site, so my commute is pretty short. If the weather's nice, I'll ride my motorbike. If it rains, I'll resort to the car...

I get into work and get straight down to it. I'm not a tea or coffee drinker, so I switch my computer on and check my emails straight away. Time to get cracking!


I'll launch SolidWorks and our ERP system Epicor, and then check our work schedule to make sure the design work is available and arranged correctly for my guys to pick up and start.

One of my main priorities is making sure the schedule and workload is available, so the engineers can get straight to work with no issues or setbacks.


My daily schedule varies significantly, but typically, I'm managing the workload of our 5 design engineers. 

We've got several new starters with us at the moment, from 6 months to just a few days at the company, so my priority is keeping them fed with information and answering their questions about our designs, processes and products. I make sure to support them and their development, so they can be as efficient as they possibly can be.

Some days I'll be focusing on production work. Other days, we might start with a production meeting where we feedback to other departments about our progress and design schedule.

Our peak design target is around 180 doors a week - that's 30 design to order doors a day, between 5 design engineers.


You know, I generally work through it! I don't really eat meals at work, but if I do stop, I might read the BBC news website, or have a quick snack to keep myself going. I'm focused on the work.


We're currently working on new product development for a different security-rated door - so part of my day will be spent on this.

Currently, we offer a BR1 and BR2 attack level for our security doors, and we're looking at developing SR1, SR2 and SR3 attack level doors. The testing takes place in May, so it's all hands on deck!

Alongside new product development, I focus on optimising the design of our existing products. Our key is making each door 'best in class', and the continuous evolution and improvement of our products is vital.

I finish the day by updating our design schedule and our progress, ready for the next morning. I'll fire off any emails required, then head home! 

After work

Typically, my way to chill out after work is to put the TV on for some background noise, then browse my favourite technology blogs & websites for the latest news (technology is one of my passions).

I'll hang out with Jack, my German Shepherd. We might go for a walk, or I'll give him a brush - anyone with a German Shepherd knows it's a full time occupation, keeping them brushed!

So that's a work day - what about your weekends?

Well, after a long week of design & management, I want to spend my days off relaxing & recharging the creative batteries...

My Saturday starts with a 5k treadmill run at the gym, before I take Jack to Action Petz, the dog park in Newport. It's a great place - you let them off the lead and they just run around as much as they want!

Then, Sunday I run again - this time it's more like 5-8k outside, with Jack tied to a lead around my waist. It's a good way to run! I recommend it.

For dinner, you can't beat a Sunday roast. We always used to have a big Sunday lunch with the whole family sitting around, so these days, whenever possible, I invite myself to my sister's house on a Sunday afternoon for a classic roast dinner & the perfect end to the weekend.

Just time for a quick snooze before Monday rolls back around...

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