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Eurobond Doors is delighted to unveil our new BIM downloads library.

You can now view and download the .rfa file you need for the doors we manufacture.

As all of you keen architects, engineers, and construction professionals know, BIM (or Building Information Modelling) is the digital description of every aspect of the built asset. In other words, BIM is an intelligent 3D model-based process that makes everyone's job easier.

Collaboration is key to construction. That’s why Eurobond Doors has created a dedicated free library for anyone to access the .rfa files for our performance steel doors.

How to download our BIM files

Enter your email, create an account and download the file you need. It’s that straight forward. It’s also super secure, just like one of our doors.

Simply pick the door you want to view the .rfa file for, and enter your email address.

Next, check your inbox for your password and click the link included in the email to sign in. If it doesn't arrive straight away, it's worth checking your Junk inbox too.

Now you can view the file you need, and download it if you'd like to view it again later.

But you only need to do this once, as our system creates a secure account for you and you can access every single .rfa file for our industry-leading steel doors.

"At Eurobond Doors we want to be as transparent and helpful to our customers as possible. We believe that by providing .rfa files, we can help work together with our customers more efficiently and productively.”
Dave Timson, Technical Sales Director

We’d love to know how you’re finding using our BIM library, so let us know on social media or get in touch.

View our BIM downloads library

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