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Performance steel door

Security Doors

Our steel security doors are designed to protect lives and property. They're accredited by Secured by Design, a flagship UK Police initiative that 'designs out crime' using high-quality innovative products and processes. High impact, threat-resistant and burglary-resistant.
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Performance Steel Door

Fire Doors

Our steel fire doors are specifically designed to meet the requirement for prolonged fire resistance for periods of up to 240 minutes, protecting your property for longer.

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Performance Steel Door

Acoustic Doors

Our engineered steel acoustic doors deliver highly effective sound reduction, with a 32dB to 40dB range of acoustic performances. Our soundproof doors are perfect for schools, colleges, hospitals, telecom switch rooms and data centres.
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Steel Door

Timber Effect Steel Doors

Our fire-rated steel doorsets finished in a choice of robust warm laminated wood grain and timber effect finishes. All the superior fire and security performance of steel, with the look of a traditional wooden door.
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Steel Door

Rebound Doors

Our rebound doors are specifically developed for a sports hall environment where ball games and physical activities take place, and have been designed in line with Sport England's design guidelines.

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Steel Door

Hygienic Doors

Our hygienic doorsets are designed for hygienic wash down environments, like commercial wash rooms, clean rooms, toilets, showers, and hygiene applications - including food and drink preparation.