Maintain privacy & hygiene in your business

Our steel hygiene door sets offer the ideal solution to any business operating in a commercial environment where cleanliness, hygiene and security is paramount.

Our door sets are available in easy to clean stainless steel. They are also available in a white food-safe finish, which offers fire rated safety of up to 240 minutes - having been assessed in accordance with BS 476: Part 22: 1987.

Key performance features

  • IMS 9 & 14 colour.png

    Produced to ISO9001 standard

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    Available in stainless steel or white foodsafe finish

  • IMS 9 & 14 colour.png

    Produced to ISO14001 standard

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    Ideal for commercial application in toilets, bathrooms & kitchens

  • flame-98678_960_720.png

    Fire resistance up to 240 minutes

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    Exceptional hygiene protection

Door sets

Door set - Pull handle and push plate.png

Pull handle and push plate

Door set - Lever handle with latch.png

Lever handle with latch

Door set - Emergency escape with push pad.png

Emergency escape with push pad

Door set - Panic escape with push bar.png

Panic escape with push bar

Door set - Bathroom set.png

Bathroom set

Vision panels

Vision panels - 203x305.png

203 x 305

Vision panels - 506^2.png


Vision panels - 152x457_711.png

152 x 457 / 711

ADM compliant

Vision panels - 152x1340.png

152 x 1340

ADM compliant

Louvre panels

Louvre panel - 457^2 Upper.png


Louvre panel - 457^2 Lower.png


Louvre panel - 2 x 457^2.png

2 x 457²

Louvre panel - 2 x 457x1546.png

457 x 1546


IMS 9 & 14 colour.png (1)

Standard colour range

Please note that colours depicted in these colour charts are for guidance only as variation may result from computer graphics or printers. We cannot be held responsible for any mis-match and for more accurate colours and shades please view a hard copy of a RAL colour chart.