The project brief

We were approached to design & manufacture a range of super-size, super-secure doors for a super-size social media company. 

With a stronghold of data to protect, they needed fire rated doors specifically designed to meet the requirement for prolonged fire resistance for periods of up to 240 minutes.

And, with the shredding of discs generating a lot of noise, they needed acoustic doors that deliver highly effective sound reduction.

Alongside these, we manufactured radar-operated automation doors for visitors and staff to move freely and securely around the building, and external doors that would protect the building in all weathers.

Our process

From the start, we worked closely with the architect, ironmongery manufacturer and end client, ensuring we had the right product to meet the right function of each door. 

We looked at where each door would be located, whether they would need access control or any particular performance, and if each door would need to meet accessible maximum forces for opening.

With the building itself not yet completed, we worked solely from plans and specifications. Each steel door we designed & manufactured was made from scratch in our draw - design - manufacture process.


The results

This project was an exciting challenge, requiring us to test the various supporting structures to ensure the wall could hold the doors - the largest clear opening doors we'd ever manufactured. 

We co-ordinated this large scale project, managing the various companies and components involved. We managed the seamless project delivery of over 500 doors on both buildings.

We continued to provide support for training, maintenance and operation to their own on-site maintenance team to set the doors up correctly, and share our expertise and knowledge after the doors had been installed.