Fire protection for the self storage industry

We were approached to design & manufacture a range of brand new fire and bathroom door sets for this titan of UK storage.

In recent years, the self storage industry in the UK has been re-evaluating their safety measures.

It’s critical that any self storage site passes fire protection regulations, with effective steel fire door sets to compartmentalise the layout and therefore prevent the spreading of fire.

That’s why our suite of approximately 26 new door sets had to provide fire protection and prevention, to the highest possible standard.


Our process

From the initial enquiry through to completion at the Cardiff facility, the project was delivered within 6 weeks.

1. After receiving the first enquiry from the client, our Sales Estimators took hold of the project - looking at logistics, costs, and assessing the type of doors required.

2. Then came design for the fire-rated circulation doors and hygienic bathroom doors. They had to fit the existing aesthetic of the building, whilst providing fire protection.

3. Next was manufacturing using our 3D modelling process. For total accuracy & quality control, the programming goes from the design office straight to the machinery.

4. Finally, we managed the delivery and installation of all 26 new door sets, providing help and assistance where needed at any critical points.

5. Alongside the door sets themselves, we also provided Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS) that contain details of any hazards as well as a step-by-step safe working guide that employees, contractors, and others at the storage facility can follow.

The results

Being one of the ‘top 4 storage facilities in the UK’, our client is now confident in knowing that their new fire door sets pass essential fire regulations, providing extra safety and reassurance to users and staff.

Their new fire-rated circulation and bathroom door sets are an effective barrier against any potential fire risks; preventing the spreading of fire whilst improving air circulation.