The project brief

We were approached to design & manufacture a range of riser doors and personnel doors for Europe's most advanced data centre, located in Canary Wharf.

This 8-storey building offers 73,400 sqm of space - they needed simple yet secure riser doors to provide protection to the internal ducts, containing all the cabling and plumbing required in a sleek, discreet solution that provided maximum access and safety.

Alongside these riser doors, we designed & manufactured personnel doors that could be electronically controlled to restrict access and to provide an audit trail of movement.

The 2 key elements of this project were the riser doors - and the sheer volume required for 8 storeys - and the access control requirements that had to be well planned and co-ordinated by ourselves, the contractor, and the architect.

Our process

We began the project working closely with the architect and contractor, ensuring we get the right specification for each door. 

To bring a high volume of riser doors into a narrow, high-rise building, we had to consider not just the design & manufacturing, but the logistics of install & delivery.

With no offload on site, we had to use a specialised long-haul vehicle to take the doors from our Cardiff factory to the Canary Wharf location, where every door had to be taken up to its designated floor in a goods lift.

This meant we had to carefully devise a bespoke process of palletising particular doors together to make the install as seamless as possible. Alongside our usual remit of design & manufacturing, this project was a logistics challenge that required out-of-the-box thinking we loved putting our collective minds to.


The results

The project has developed successfully - and with 1 floor left to complete, it's still ongoing!

This project proved to be a huge challenge of logistics - managing not just the 'design from scratch' element, but also the delivery & install. From the contractor and architect, to our own team, we co-ordinated the right skillsets to bring this mammoth project together successfully.

This advanced data centre is now safe and secure, with its physical components stored and contained properly throughout its impressive 8 storeys.