The project brief

We were asked to design & manufacture a range of steel fire doors and steel acoustic doors for this leading tech giant.

The Gemini Data Centre in Dublin, Ireland, is a fort of protected data; over 10,400 sq.m of space is utilised for cloud connectivity and leading technology providers, comprising of 6 individual data halls and ancillary services.

All this data needs protection - that's where we helped. We provided fire-rated doors, acoustic security doors, and radar-operated automation doors.

Protection of data and people was key, along with minimal noise and easy yet secure access throughout the complex.

Our process

From the start, we worked closely with the architect and ironmongery manufacturer, ensuring we had the right product to meet the right function of each door. 

We looked at where each door would be located, whether they would need access control or any particular performance, and if each door would need to meet accessible maximum forces for opening.

With the building itself not yet completed, we worked solely from plans and specifications. Each door we designed & manufactured was made from scratch in our draw - design - manufacture process.

The results

This project was fantastic to be a part of. For this data centre, designed for the world's latest technologies, our bespoke doors were made to match very specific functions.

The final aesthetics are attractive and streamlined, with pops of colour brought in through the door finishes.