About Anthony

Anthony has been with us for 4 years in total, and started off as the senior design engineer before his promotion to Design Manager. For the last two years, Anthony has been responsible for a dedicated team of five design engineers.

Revelling in the fresh challenges that every new day brings, Anthony's determination and design skills are constantly utilised to create the ideal and bespoke custom doors for our customers. Whether it's using SolidWorks to produce our 3D models or ensuring his engineers can jump into the work schedule with no snags or setbacks, Anthony is always focussed on the tasks at hand.

"I'd say my speciality is a broad range of manufacturing skills. I've worked in a lot of companies previously with a wide range of manufacturing and engineering expertise. This gives me a depth of experience that I think I bring to the Eurobond Doors."

Outside of work, Anthony also enjoys running, canoeing, rock-climbing, and walking his German Shepherd, Jack. He's very much the outdoorsy type!

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Design & Management

With a peak design target of 180 new design to order doors a week at Eurobond Doors - it's essential that our five design engineers are supported through this exacting schedule.

To achieve this, Anthony uses his vast and diverse experience alongside his design nous. 


It's Anthony's responsibility and priority to enrol new staff in the bespoke designs, processes, and products of Eurobond Doors.

"We've got several new starters with us at the moment, from six months to just a few days at the company, so my priority is keeping them fed with information and answering their questions."